The answer to both of the above is NO.

Next Generation Ministrys is  non-denominational ministry. Its Founder Rev.Dominic A.Bartholomew, is Pentecostal. You will find our belief and Tenets of faith listed on the page “What we Believe.” Basically we believe that Jesus did not come to establish a religion but a relationship with us. When we sinned and when Jesus died on the cross He took away our Sin and restored that relationship.

Next Generation Ministrys believes in helping to restore your relationship with Jesus and helping you find your way back to Church. Your church. If you need to find a church or are new to your area, we will help find a home church for you. Next Generation Ministrys believes that you should be comfortable with your church and should be an active member of the body of believers of your church. Once connected or reconnected with your church find out if there is some way you can help out, this is how we are the hands of Christ today. Don’t forget to support your church. The Bible teaches us that we are to “tithe” to help support the church. Tithing means that we support the church with 10% of our income. At first thought this seems hard but God gives us all that we need and all that he requires is a tithing to test our obedience, because He wants to give us more.  Trust Him with your Tithe and Let God Bless You Abundantly.