Our privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

We’re grateful for your confidence and trust in NGM’s websites and we also want to be precise on your online privacy matters in relation to our websites.

Next Generation Ministrys comprises  email addresses you have used to communicate with us or through our newsletters, prayer requests, or contact sheets. We pledge to retain all user records only for our use in facilitating communication.Next Generation Ministrys does not disclose user information to third parties at all. In the event of opting out of any correspondence all user data of a de-registered user is deleted. Next Generation Ministrys does not spam nor endorse any of such practices.

 Next Generation Ministrys links from other websites
Other websites may create links to Next Generation Ministrys website. Next Generation Ministrys is not responsible for the content or privacy practices employed by outside websites that link to our website. These outside websites not owned by Next Generation Ministrys are beyond our control and responsibility.

Third party companies, like Google, that Next Generation Ministrys website uses to serve advertisements set and access their temporary cookies on your computer. These are reputable companies that we also trust to transact with and trust that they also abide by strict privacy policies. Cookies need not be of any concern when they are from reputable websites because they normally serve webmasters and IT administrators to measure their website visitor progress and trends. Cookies are used by nearly all websites, including email providers for various benchmarks. For basic information about cookies please read a “Cookies FAQ” article at (Click here) Microsoft.com

If you have any questions or comments about Next Generation Ministrys Privacy Statement, or for some reason believe we have not adhered to our statement, please contact us.

We greatly value your input and association to Next Generation Ministrys and therefore work hard to go the extra mile of safeguarding your privacy interests.